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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." last week, president ahmadinejad came to new york and the u.n. and would you believe it? he said something that made people protest. yes, he said that 9/11 was an inside job. what do you expect? he's a crazy man. why do we listen? well, here is a guy that wants to wipe israel off the map. he's denied the holocaust and called america "the great satan." every time we don't listen to people like this, it seems to lead to something like an holocaust. this is an interesting thing i haven't seen coverage on today. who ahmadinejad met with besides the u.n. while here
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in new york. who? louis farrakhan. and the black panthers. the same panthers who the justice department inexplicably backed off and dropped the voter intimidation case against them. america, ask yourself does it fit with the storyline we've been laying out for you. that the enemy of our enemy is not our friend at all. they are our enemy. and somebody is cobbling together an awful lot of pow power in a way really only the weather underground laid out in the 1970s. c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. all right. let's start with the latest in a long line of to insults hurled at the tea party movement. but this one came from
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senator john kerry, who actually said this with a straight face. >> we have an electorate that doesn't always pay that much attention to what is going on. so, you know, people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than by the facts and the truth, or what's happening. >> glenn: boy, it's taking everything in me not to say "a simple slogan like 'hope and change'?" tell me if this isn't true. the american people, at least in my lifetime, have never been so connected to their own history. i have never in the history of my lifetime, i have never seen people show more that they care about the actual process of what has happened. we're making sausage in washington. and they care. and they're paying attention. for the first time in my lifetime, the people of this
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country know that the founders are counting on them. they know absolute firm reliance on the knowledge that when the three branchs failed, the media was supposed to stop it. and once the media failed, the only thing standing between fascism or chaos and the american people are the american people. and for the first time in my life, i can tell you that i'm amazed by the american people as a whole. we've always been incredible treatment. what we're doing now is this, and i haven't seen it in my life. we're being responsible. we should have been there the whole time, but me included we weren't. we were escaping. we thought the ride would never end. this is a reason to celebrate, not denigrate the american people. evidence, have you checked
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out the best-selling books that have just -- we've come from this show? i mean we have -- these are just some of the books. "road to serfdom." have you read this? it will make your eyes bleed. "road to serfdom," came out in 1944. so you know it sells 7,000 books annually. after one episode on this program, this book sold 70,000 copies in a week. this audience is devouring books like never before. here is one. you should read this one. this one actually explained to me, this is what really got the ball rolling for me, one of them. this is woodrow wilson and the roots of modern liberalism. it has footnotes. it's riddled with footnotes. we have the 5,000-year leap. this is peter's book, incredible. i told you every person in
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america should own this book. "sacred fire." when i found this, it should have been out for five or six years. i have didn't say the number one national best seller. people are devouring. "new deal, raw deal." another one. "real george washington." "phillip drew, administrator: a story of tomorrow." have you read this book? i wanted to hang myself through this book. every american should read this book. it's what we're doing. it was written in like 1912. are you kidding me? don't tell me that the american people are stupid. don't tell me that the american people -- some of those books are scholars' books. they weren't ever meant to be consumed by the american people. these are gigantic, small font, boring beyond your wildest imagination, yet highly informative books. now i'm just guessing. but i don't think people are just reading these at the
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beach going this is a page-turner. it's about woodrow wilson. the american people know that something was wrong, and they were trying to figure out how did we get here? and they're informing themselves. they're trying to get to the truth of what is happening. they're being responsible. and america, here is the truth. the truth is there is a fundamental difference in america right now. we have talked about this choice. this choice. it started to write america needs to choose, but america must choose between these two. this is the choice. and it is growing more and more defined every week. do we believe in a government that is constitutional, limited federal power, has a low flat tax, whatever kind of tax. lower taxes. limited federal spending. personal responsibility. a government that helps those
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who cannot help themselves. not help those who will not help themselves. do we believe in this? choice two, a big progressive government. this is the choice we keep going through. republican, democrat. republican, democrat. big progressive. the republicans, they'll be telling you what to do in your bedroom. the democrats will be telling you what you are going to do in every room. i don't want them in my bedroom. i don't want them in my living room. i don't want them in any room. i feel like cat in the hat here. i don't want them to have this much power. why? because our founders knew this. the founders knew people are flawed. they're flawed. power corrupts. cass sunstein, he is the latest. i think he fancies himself as a refounder of the united states of america. i told you on this program, he's the most dangerous man in america. because no one will see him coming. he's obama's progressive regulation czar. we found an old clip.
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it was put up on the here he is. pretty much spelling out everything this show has told you in the past. watch. >> some conservative thinkers like justice scalia and thomas think we should understand the document by going in a time machine and understand the public that ratified the document a century or more than a century ago. >> glenn: he's saying it has no relevance, the constitution has no relevance, you have to go in a time machine. this is an all you need to understand. the founders knew, limit the size of the government, through the constitution, because people are flawed. and power corrupts. don't give people power over you because they will become corrupt as they are people. thus they are flawed.
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progressive don't think the constitution applies to today. that's why they're called progressive. make progress, toward what? away from the constitution. the constitution evolves over time. it changes as society changes. yes, it does, but through the constitution called amendments. we used to amend it all the time. rest of americans believe the constitution still works. that's the debate that is coming down to. that is the debate nobody is having. the debate comes down to this. do you believe in the american experiment, the american ideals? do you believe in this? people are flawed, power corrupts, don't give people power over you because they will become corrupt as they with people and they are flawed. if you believe in this, you must choose this. progressives don't hold the constitution in high esteem.
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that is bad enough. when coupled with what progressives think about the american people, that's when things start to get dicey. you just saw cass sunstein dismiss the constitution. let me play again what he says about you. >> once we know that people are human and have some homer simpson in them, then there is a lot that can be done to manipulate them. >> glenn: "to manipulate them." you're the hapless homer simpson who lacks self-control, so you will be manipulated. progress ivers like sunsteinbe -- progressives like sunstein, the solution to this problem, is manipulation and control by the federal government. i don't want to be manipulated. i want individual freedom. personal accountability. hold me responsible for my own actions. if i make a bad move in business, then i make a bad move in business. i should be allowed to fail.
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i don't want the big george bush government, or the big obama government. i don't want my government. that is telling me what to do all the time. i want a government that holds up merit and personal responsibility, and has very little on control, but also a government that is compassionate for those who cannot do it themselves. and when the private sector can't help them either. the people in washington have already decided what kind of government they're going to give you. you know that 80%, 80% of the ruling class in washington say that this is it. 80% say they are now on the right track. except 60% of americans say they're on the wrong track. that's a pretty big spread.
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why? because they're corrupt, and they have power. now let me show you what they're doing in washington. these are just things that broke over the weekend. let me show you what they're doing. you tell me: is this the choice you would make? in california, eight other western states, the government can now actually place a g.p.s. device on your car and track you. because according to a court, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy, even in your own driveway. they don't need a search warrant. f.b.i. and other agencies will now no longer need a search warrant to track your location. they'll use your cell phone. nobody is going to a judge. they just -- where is bob jones? this happened after a federal appeals court in philadelphia ruled. once again, the obama administration argued americans have no reasonable expectation of privacy when
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it comes to where people place and receive cell phone calls. now here is the latest from the "new york times." the government is now seeking a new federal law, forcing internet, e-mail, instant messaging and other communication providers to offer encryption to build in backdoors for law enforcement surveillance. okay, wait a minute. this also will not have to be used with a search warrant. they don't have to go to a judge. now, if i may, i remember the left complaining about warrantless wiretaps on phones when we were talking about terrorists. i was with you on that. you don't tap the phones of american citizens without going to a judge and getting a warrant. you don't do it. now here we have warrantless car capping. warrantless cell phone tapping. warrantless internet tapping. and there's silence. silence from the left.
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silence from the media. silence from the american people. is john kerry right? it's because we don't have a simple slogan for it? here is one of the most disturbing stories, because we're being stonewalled on it. a story in "forbes" about an incredible security van, not against this technology. i think here is the van. this is incredible on a war zone. they're called x-ray vans. they can see through walls. they can see through your clothing. they were previously only bought by the department of defense for use in afghanistan and iraq. now it seems the federal government has bought at least 500 of these vans. and they're being used here domestically. why? for what purpose? who is using them? they're using them now in your neighborhoods. possibly. that's what we're being told.
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congress can't even get a response on this one. the obama administration is being elusive. won't say exactly who is buying them and why we're driving these vans. apparently down the streets in our neighborhoods. now, again, if they are used in a war zone, if they are used for shipping containers in our ports. if they're used at our mexican border, which i know they're probably not. or our canadian border, i'm cool. let us know. but pardon me if i'm a little hesitant in giving government free reign to look into people's houses, driving down the street without a search warrant. gang, i mean, i hate to put on the hoop skirt and wig, but doesn't the constitution figure into any of this? is it really a good idea to give people who openly think that americans are homer simpson and thus can be manipulated, who openly feel it's their duty to control them for the greater good,
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should we give them this much power to monitor everything we do? should people give pow er to people who think that suvs and your thermostat and big screen tvs are what is destroying the planet? should we give them the ability to control our thermostat through a smart grid and manipulate us in every choice we make? and monitor everywhere we go? should we really give more power to people who go to our school children and indoctrinate them like this? >> there are some things about our world that you know that older people don't know. >> glenn: here he is speaking in front of 12 and 13-year-olds. there are things that you know that older people don't know. excuse me? what are those things that
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parents don't know that their children do? can we please ask the media and the politicians? how is it now that kids are smarter somehow than their parents? can someone give me a definition or when it changed, when it was okay or a good idea to pit kids against their parents and allow government officials to do it? the president recently announced he wants to elongate the school day and school year so kids will be away from their parents even more time during the year and now they're in the hands of department of ed, monolithic face lest democracy that america was somehow or another able to limp through without until 1979. this is not some institution that we've always had. 1979. and nothing has gotten better. this is a new organization. the department of education. and they are gaining more and more power.
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our u.s. education secretary arnie duncan vowed to make sure that his department -- take a guess. what? improve graduation rates? no. improve test scores? no, no. he vowed that his department would work to make american children into good environmental citizens. watch. >> a well educated citizen knows we must not act in this generation in ways to endownger the next. they teach students about how the climate is changing, they explain the science behind climate change and how we can change our daily practices to help save our planet and role in preparing students for jobs in the green economy. >> glenn: there is no green economy. america, this is your job as a parent. did you ask your schools to make your child a green environmental citizen? then the assistant secretary of energy who recently talked about the administration's four tactics for the
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deployment of clean energy. the first three were government subsidiaries. the last one, quote -- you're going to love this. she says "it's where we have a mandate, where we can actually just issue regulations and do market transformation." hang on a second. that's cass sunstein. as the secretary says, we're going to make people save money for themselves. this is all part of the appliance standards we told you about last week where most people don't pay attention to the story. it results in yet another choice taken away. because they will force you to save money. they have so much control. some may seem mundane like building sandcastles but some day you will wake up and wonder where it's all gone.
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they are not willing to let it slip away. there are radicals and revolutionaries. van jones is one of them. he is telling people now about the upcoming election, telling people that you should be afraid. i'll show you what he said next.    
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>> glenn: i want to show you the progressive opportunity here. they are not willing for all of their hard work to go away. they have made the choice. you are going to have this. and they put all the framework in there to control you. now, the party of hope has been van jones. and barack obama. and this is what he is telling you about the upcoming election. here it is.
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>> this election is more fear-based. and what we got to real iize is that can also support us. if you think things are bad now what will happen when the people who are screaming and yelling at the tea party vents are actually in charge of your government and actually in your charge of your life and in charge of your kid's teacher? you may have hope fatigue, but you have a lot of reason to be fearful enough. this is to get involved. i don't think you want tea party running your community, running your family, running your government. >> glenn: i don't want them to run my family. i don't want them in charge of my children. i don't want the government in charge. we are. that is american ideal. most of the media will focus on how he's resorting to fear. if they focus on this at all. but did you notice the scenario that he is pointing out is a world where the tea party is in charge of your life, in charge of your kid's
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future? no. that is the difference. get out of my life. get out of my bedroom. get out of my garbage. get out of my garage. get out of my kid's life. get out of my work place. get out. progressives have the idea that they know better. when you don't take the carrot that cass sunstein dangles out, well, then it's back to the drawing board. it becomes a shove. history has shown us that a shove is what comes next. friday night, a friend of mine vince slin, the author, he called me up and said i'm in town. you want to have dinner? we, our wives and i and vince and i went out and we talked about revolutions. yeah, i know, you envy me and our dinner conversation. our wives were crying by the end of it. anyway, we were talking about how there is commonality.
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in almost every major revolution. in the end, when their power starts to slip, that's when t the killers show up. 1973, pinorhet, political opponents were treated har harshly and there was a clearinghouse where tens of thousands were tortured and 3,000 were executed. i can n ow you the stories in france, germany, russia, cuba. everywhere. i happens over and over again. reason i bring it up, update of the assassination list story. remember this story? it came out a while back and comments from the nsa chief john bren nan jumped out to me and we reported on these comments. listen. >> there are, though, in my mind, dozens of u.s. persons who are in different parts of the world that are very concerning to us. >> glenn: okay. he is talking about american
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citizens not having a fair trial, no due process, only on the word of the president to be executed, assassinated. now here is what i said about the story at the time. watch. >> there are dozens of americans on this hit list that pose a threat to the united states. gee, i wonder if i'm on it. when i said that, we had a leftist blogger in the audience who said glenn beck is completely nuts. and i'm going to prove him wrong. mm-hmm. did they? nope. they filed a freedom of information act request back in may. here is part of the response that they received from the c.i.a. the answer is no, that's not happening. but here it is. the response is our record systems are not configured in a way that would allow us to perform a search robably calculate -- reasonably calculated to lead to responsive records; therefore, we must decline to process your request.
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the c.i.a. can't search their records? that is what you came up with? that's it? that's not helpful. we contacted the c.i.a. they responded to us saying that me being on the list is absurd. okay. great. but can you tell me about the rest of the list. this ain't about me. i really don't think i'm on the assassination list. right? if they wanted to kill me, cass sunstein would come up with a new regulation called cash for fried foods. it'd be dead in a week. aclu and center for constitutional rights went after this information. they were stonewalled by the white house. where is the media on this? no president in american history has had american citizens on an assassination list. we do not assassinate american citizens. i don't care how ugly they are. i don't care what monsters they are.
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they're citizens. they are rights. it can't believe i have to point that out on national tv, but apparently i do, because nobody else will. find it in the constitution that an american citizen without due process can be targeted for execution by the president of the united states. it doesn't exist. but these people don't care what is in the constitution. we're moving past the constitution. where do they get the power? where is the limit on the power? the reason you don't hear all of this is because the three branchs of government has failed. the fourth branch has also failed. the media. that is why you must stand up. you must stand for personal responsibility. you must stand for the constitution. mr. president, show me your friends and i will show you your future. your friend, bill ayers, the book, the book that he wrote dedicated, dedicated to sirhan sirhan.
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sirhan sirhan. now for those who don't know who this guy is or what he did, he is just the guy that assassinated robert f. kennedy. we don't celebrate assassins. we understand that any killing of american citizens without due process is not an assassination. it doesn't matter if sirhan sirhan did it or the president of the united states. it's the same. understood our constitution, it -- under our constitution, it's cold-blooded murder. make the choice, america. @=h
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i'm patti ann browne. a $42 billion small business bill is now law. president obama signed the small business jobs act at the white house earlier. he says it will create jobs by providing tax credits and helping banks increase loans. a summer swelter on the sixth day of fall in california. the national weather service says downtown los angeles reached a record high today of 113 degrees. the prosecution and defense in the anna nicole smith drug trial rested their cases. closing arguments are scheduled for thursday. for more on the stories, visit glenn beck returns in a moment, but first, bret previews "special report". >> bret: coming up, the president pushes again for extending only the middle
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class tax cut from the bush era, but his democratic colleagues are not ready to vote. the rhetoric versus the reality about outsourcing jobs. join me at the top of the hour for "special report" now. back to glenn. ♪ ♪ >> i'm glad you're here. thank you very much for watching. if we were to listen to the new h.h.s. secretary kathleen sebelius, she said you are confused about healthcare reform. or about john kerry? i showed you earlier what he said. >> we have an electorate that doesn't always pay that much attention to what is going on. so, you know, people are influenced by a simple slogan, rather than by the facts and the truth of what is happening. >> glenn: i can't believe he said that. i mean, it is true, john. 69 million people were influenced by three simple
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words. "hope and change." it's not because they were stupid. i mean, was it? i don't think so. i think it's because americans are trusting. they trust from people are generally like them and generally good. and hope and change, we want to have hope. the change that i think americans is unspoken that went across the spectrum was that we would clean up the corruption. stop with the lies and we'd stop with the old style politics. we'd stop with all of this. we're trusting. unfortunately, for this period of time no longer. we have been played. i saw this picture on this weekend. it's the guy who quit his job to join obama's campaign. do you remember him? this is the guy that is the doorman in new york. well, he went to go work for the campaign. and now he's losing hope. he's back at his doorman job.
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and he's making less money than he was. the majority of americans i think feel like him. that's what you are to the progressives. a doorman. you little people, you don't understand what's good for you. they tried to explain how they're taking care of everything in your life, but you're just not getting it. the fact is, the vast majority of americans are fed up. precisely because they do know what is going on. none of this makes any sense to them. not because they're stupid. but because they know there is a game still being played. we're being lied to again. they have another agenda. it's a special interest game. well, with everything that is going on in the world. in a couple of weeks, a key stimulus program that did nothing but create temporary jobs is scheduled to end. now it did create jobs. in grand scheme of government jobs programs, this is much different than the $2 million phantom jobs that you can never find.
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this program allowed employers at the government level, non-profit and small business levels to get direct help paying for workers' salaries. modelled after a failed new deal jobs program. even republicans like mississippi governor haley barbour was supporting it. i don't. and the reason why i don't is not because i hate people. it's because of this problem. now that the government money is over. what have we gained? 26,000 jobs could be lost now in illinois in the next two weeks of the another 12,000 jobs will go in philadelphia. so how does this help people in the hope department? doesn't this make things worse? yes! so why would you do it? first, you know the jobs will happen around election time. you will be able to use fear and say these guys are going to cut more. you think it's bad now. you wait.
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more importantly, as always, when you create a problem, you create one that is enormously painful. and then you just wait with the solution. you have the solution already. you just cause the pain to get people to beg you to solve the problem. so they can feed their family. here comes on his white source, andy stern, seiu. now he's on the president economic panel. now he just recommends policies for the president directly. he's here to save the day. andy stern. he has a plan to create 12 million jobs. he calls it -- no, this is from the center for american progress. americorps on steroids. in a nutshell, stern's idea assuming that the average annual cost can of $15,000 per person for just $46.5 billion, we could offer every
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16 to 24-year-old who wanted a job a national service opportunity. well, that's fantastic. that is fantastic. so everybody who is 16 to 24 could work for the government. where did he get that idea? oh, that's right. this. the center for american progress. here was their solution. ready? bottom line for less than $1.5 billion, congress could engage close to 150,000 individuals in national service for one year. less than $14,000 per member. the strategy would create the equivalent of over 100,000 new jobs. there it is. center for american progress. we have told you last week this is exactly what they do. they create an unsustainable system. they force their solutions on the american people. and the american people beg them for it. the great thing is, this is all about jobs for the youth.
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16- to 24-year-olds. who better to suggest this than andy stern? a former member of fds in the tree of revolution. isn't that great? here he is. sds. students for democratic society. this is the nonsense and revolution he learned in the '60s. it's fantastic. it's fantastic when they indoctrinate our kids in schools to be green. now they can go right in the clutches of andy stern after they leave school. they can go right to the government job with andy stern and van jones. oh, that's great! we'll talk a little bit more about stern's tremendous plan to create 12 million jobs for 16- to 24-year-olds. next.
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>> glenn: all right. andy stern. he is now on the president's fiscal responsibility -- a
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guy who ran seiu's pensions into the ground. well, he's come up with a terrific plan to create 12 million jobs. paid national service. basically he says, and so did the center for american progress, about ten months ago, assuming that the average annual cost of $15,000 per person for just $46.5 billion, we could offer every 16- to 24-year-old a job who wanted to serve, or wanted a job in national service opportunity. that's great. all of this game from cap, center for american progress, the soros place ten months before. it's the same plan. i mean this is their m.o. i told you last week that the carrot idea didn't come from barack obama's wife, or her doctor, it came from the center for american progress, which also came from cass
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sunstein years ago. same stuff. different messengers, presented as brand new. now they're targeting jobs for youth, because unemployment among the youth is unbelievably high. stern tell us 16- to 24-year-olds comprise 16% of the labor force, they're 26% of the unemployment. that's nearly 4 million unemployment young people. wow! amazing. who could have possibly foreseen that problem? oh, that's right. i did! i did. like four years ago over at cnn. we talked about it over a year ago on my radio show. watch. >> the minimum wage has gone up twice, thanks to nancy pelosi in the last two years. young people are the ones most effected by the minimum wage because they're just putting their experience and skill sets together. how can they get experience when their skills aren't worth the minimum wage? the unemployment rate for those 16- to 24 is now higher, the unemployment for those aged 16 to 24 now
5:48 pm
higher than any point since at least 1948. >> glenn: this is actually part of a bit promoting a bit "arguing with idiots." so we had to write that part of the book eight months prior to it being published. so it doesn't take a genius to figure this out. they created the atmosphere. and now, they have the answer. as 16- to 24-year-olds beg them for a job. if you think this is too conspiracitorial, i showed you the global trends last week. it asked you to read this record. "global trends." a transformed world. this is a federal government document. they have made their decision on what america will look like in 2025 or sooner. but they haven't consulting you, have they? i read it over the weekend. you will be consulted. you will know what is in this. on friday's show. tell your friends. set your drvs. do not miss it. ñ÷
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i grew up with a different vision of america than i'm seeing today. >> i want to see the first domino tipped over. >> this may be the start. >> glenn: last year, i said this was going to be the story. i told the staff. >> i think with glenn, you know, it's just, you get so used to him raising the bar continually. you're never really thrown by it. >> a lot of times he'll kick an idea around for a little
5:53 pm
while and then it will turn into something completely different. we have no idea. you don't react to the early glenn idea. >> here we go again. ♪ ♪ >> center stage. go ahead. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> glenn: saturday, that was an amazing saturday. but on this saturday, there's something else that should be celebrated this america. there is another huge rally. people are coming out. this rally is, i guess, according to the "new york times," to counter the restoring honor event. i don't know how you counter honor and integrity and love and peace and everything else that we talk about.
5:54 pm
but obviously the political left is freaked out by the fact that you turned out by the hundreds of thousands. and they're panicked to the point to where the left is now doing two mall rallies in one month. and again, i have no problem. i wish them success. i do. and i urge you to watch it. listen to what they have to say, so you can make a choice. it's one nation working together. it's made up, this rally is put on by 300 organization, they're promoting 10-2-10. the organization of the afl-cio. you have seiu. the national council of la raza. code pink. van jones green for all. chicago democratic socialist of america. jim wallis' group sojourners. that's just a few. there are 300 of these. then on october 30, jon stewart and stephen colbert are putting together a mock rally on the mall. again, i urge you to watch it and pay attention. i'm disappointed that they
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feel we have to mock honor. but whatever. again, i wish them success. on friday, i actually felt bad for stephen colbert. he was testifying before a house hearing on immigration on friday. and he was doing it in character. it was really in poor taste. but i don't necessarily think it was his fault. he participated, but this is a bad idea. nobody -- i haven't seen anybody report on this. do you know who it was that set this whole thing up? the united farm workers union. yes, again, the unions. orchestrating colbert's immigration worker experience, and the appearance before the committee. that's what happened. why is that left out that it's these people? the unions? it's special interest. and by the way, i do want you to see 10-2-10. i don't wish them any ill-will or any harm at all. i want you to see it.
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you can get all the rally information and organizing. you can find out how to attend by going to this website. it is the communist party usa's website. what you need to do is you will click on the young communist league tab at the top. and the communists will give you all the information you need.    
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